FAQ - Some of Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

🎀 How long will it take to make my order?

Most orders take about 5 business days to produce before they ship.  Graduation Bows take 1 to 2 weeks to make because we send a digital proof before they are made.

🎀  Do you offer rush production?

Yes,  we offer rush production here.  This will not increase your shipping speed.  See below for shipping speed information.

🎀  What shipping speeds do you offer?

All of our items ship USPS First Class Mail.  First class typically takes 3-5 days, but can be longer.  We also offer expedited shipping services.  Priority Mail typically takes 2-4 days but is not guaranteed.  Express Mail takes 1 day (occasionally 2 for difficult to reach areas) and is a guaranteed delivery date.  *Choosing expedited shipping does not increase the production time.  To increase the production time you must rush your order (see above).

🎀  What clip choices do you offer?

We offer french barrettes, alligator clips with teeth, lined alligator clips and ponytail elastics. Click here to see them.

🎀  What clip type do you recommend?

Clip types are very much a personal preference.  It really depends a lot on how she will be wearing her hair.  If it will be pulled up in an elastic a french barrette is great because it stays in and can't be pulled out easily.  If you will be using it to swoop back her hair and don't want to use an elastic an alligator clip may be a good option.  If she will be wearing if for athletics the ponytail elastic is recommended so she won't have any type of metal on her head while playing sports.

🎀  What is the difference between alligator clip right and alligator clip left?

This only matters for bows with personalization.  Don't complicate it or your brain might start hurting. 😂  It is all about how she wears it, on her right or on her left.  We've made a quick video below 👇🏻 to show the difference. 

🎀  What is the difference in the baby headband options?

We currently offer elastic and nylon bands.  Click here to see them. The elastic comes in more colors and matches more of the bow colors we offer.  It is recommended for heavier weight bows. The nylon is a very soft and comfortable option that grows with your babies head size.  It is very popular and we recommend them.  However, they do not come in a large variety of colors and sometimes exact matches are not possible. If no close match is available we use nude nylon.

🎀  What bow size do you recommend?

Bow size is very much a personal preference.  In general, for boutique bows, newborn babies wear extra small or small.  Larger babies will wear small or medium, and some mom's even prefer large.  Toddlers usually wear medium to large and older girls generally wear large and jumbo, some do prefer medium though.  We also offer fabric bows, ponytail bows, and cheer size bows.

Click here to see our baby bow sizes.

Click here to see our boutique hair bow sizes.

Click here to see our cheer and ponytail bow size. 


Alligator Clip Right & Left Examples



Attachment Options 


How to Attach Your Grad Bow to Your Grad Cap