Together We Help Stop Human Trafficking

If you are new here or have been around for a while, I wanted to be sure to let you know about an issue that we care about deeply.  Human trafficking is a crime that has grown massively over the last ten years.  It is involving children at an alarming rate.

As a mother and a business owner that provides accessories for children, I knew I could not ignore such a heinous issue. 

The statistics about modern-day slavery in our country are startling.  Please be aware that what I am about to share can be very hard to read.

The estimated number of children being prostituted each year in the US is between 100,000 and 300,000. Twelve is the average age that a child is forced into sex trafficking.

We want to put a stop to this.  A portion of all our proceeds goes to support the fight against human trafficking.  In our home state of Mississippi, we donate to the Advocates for Freedom, and worldwide we donate to the A21 organization.

You can also help by spreading awareness or join in the fight directly by visiting their website (links above).

This battle is too big for just a few of us to fight, but we can do it together. Thank you so much for your business that makes our support possible.