See How Tie Our Ruffle Ribbons Into a Ponytail

Our ruffle hair ribbons are our new favorite! Check out today's video where I did a demonstration on how to wear them.  They can be tied up like a bow or left flowing down for an older look.  They can be personalized with an initial letter, first name, school letters or logo!

I also showed some of the best ways to wear our cheer bows and the different sizes available.  You can get an up close look at our no metal ponytail elastics, our premium french barrettes and alligator clips with teeth.  Of course we wouldn't leave them without personalization either.  You can get them monogrammed, have your school letters or name added, or get one of our local school logos on them for game day.

 If you missed the Friday Live this morning I announced our new Mystery Bow Box subscription giveaway! The mystery bow box subscription is not available in the shop yet, but will be soon with limited release as I start making it available.  If you win, you will be among the first to receive our new mystery bow box free for three months! 

Our mystery bow box will surprise you every month! This trendy box will feature all the latest colors and designs released first (and sometimes exclusively) to the Mystery Bow Box subscribers. No more getting bored with the same old colors and designs! You won't have to worry about her bows looking flat or falling apart because we expertly shape our bows with quality materials. Best yet, you will be able to surprise the little girl in your life every month with a new bow she is sure to love.
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