Satin Bows in Stock for Spring Only!

Our satin bows are now in stock for the spring.

If you love the classic look of satin bows, order yours now because we only offer them in the spring. and some colors are very limited!

This sweet girl is wearing our large pink satin boutique hair bow.  It is very soft and moveable and has that gorgeous satin sheet.  It measures well over six inches wide because it is a softer curve than our traditional solid grosgrain large hair bows that measure about six inches wide.

We also have them in our medium size bow that measures a little over 5 inches wide.  The sweet girl in the ivory bow is wearing our medium size bow.

Don't leave out little sister when you are shopping for satin hair bows.  We also have them on soft nylon headbands that are super soft and comfortable on her head. The baby in the pink bow is wearing our medium size bow.