January Mystery Bow Box Revealed!

We had so much fun on Friday Faves today!  I revealed February's Mystery Bow Box.  It's super cute and has some extra Valentine's goodies in it.  It is definitely my favorite so far!  You can see it here.

We also talked about some of our most popular products this time of year that I bet you didn't even know about - Mardi Gras fascinators and flapper headbands.  They are my personal favorite to make and create.  I fell in love with them during day trips to New Orleans. I loved seeing the creations of NOLA artists and it inspired me to make more of my own.

We also talked about how we are a Made in America company! Everything we sell we make in our shop studio. A lot of people don't know that, so I wanted to make sure you know how much it means to us that you support our small business because when you buy from us you are supporting women right here in the USA!

Featured In Today's Live

Monthly Mystery Bow Box

Key Features
Includes Two Speciality Bows
Fun Extras Included Every Month
Everything Made in the USA
Great Value
Cancel Anytime
Mardi Gras Fascinators for Babies to Adults
Key Features
Exclusive Headbands
Quality Made in the USA
Will Hold Up Over Time
Fits Girls to Adults